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7 Steps to Unpacking Beliefs

  1. Find your beliefs 

Beliefs are often unconscious like the air we breathe

  • Follow your triggers 
    • Pay attention to what comes up for you
  • Notice your Assumptions
    • Listen to people you trust, ask them for feedback 
  1. Write them down 

Get beliefs into a form where you can examine and take them apart.

  1. Pick one so you can take them apart one at a time 

Cults use tactics like circular reasoning which make a tangled knot that needs to be separated one strand at a time.

  • Pick something easy to deal with in the beginning
  • Work on bigger triggers when ready
  1. Notice emotions 

Give yourself permission to feel your emotions whatever they are. 

  • Grief/Guilt/Pain/Anger/Elation/Excitement/Fear
  • Be gentle with all of them 
  • Lean on cult support group/supportive friends & family/therapist
  1. Once you notice these emotions – process them 

Logic is different than the emotions and emotions are the harder part 

  1. Look at the ‘reasons’ you believe each thing. 

Look for the thoughts and emotions that support the belief and decide what makes sense to you now.

  • Reality Checking
  1. Repeat as often as necessary 

At first you may have a small amount of relief.  It gets easier.

  • The goal is to have your own life and your own mind.