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Supporting Diversity: Star Trek Etc.

Gene Roddenberry, the original creator of “Star Trek”, has been a major shaping influence in my cloystered life since I was five years old. His unique vision showed me that there were people who believed in Celebrating Diversity…who believed in Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. (IDIC, as it is known, is a Vulcan philosophy.)

At the time, I didn’t have access to any other sources preaching such acceptance.

As the deeply closeted Queer child of strict Jehovah’s Witness parents the original “Star Trek” shone like a steady beacon of hope. It told me other people also dreamed of Equalizing and other people supported the idea of Diversity.

Now, 40 years later, I continue to find an endless mine of concepts and conversations stirred by the “Star Trek” Universe. I see people who have continued Gene Roddenberry’s vision…I notice he has impacted many many people.

People who are thinking about these things, things I have an intense passion to discuss and take apart.

Potential conversations where I find many stories relevant to the work of creating a Culture of Consent and a practice of Equalizing. Conversations which are relevant to Noticing the Violence of Superior-Role Belief Systems or, to say it another way, noticing problems inherient in a One-Right-Way perspective.

The idea that there exists One-Right-Way, a way that works for everyone, is a perspective I was taught growing up. I have felt wrongness, in the very concept, for my entire life.

Boxing everyone and everything into one right answer has never made sense to me.

Noticing a thing is a first step to changing it. Be the change you want to see in the world.

In that vein, I am starting a podcast to have pieces of this conversation. A good friend of mine and I have agreed to talk about these fascinating topics in an ongoing, long-term conversation. Our proposed topics are:

  • How did you (we each) get into Star Trek?
  • Original Series, Next Gen., DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, etc.
  • Favorite Characters…and Why
  • Least Favorite Characters…and Why
  • Favorite Novels
  • Favorite Film(s)
  • Theme Park Stuff
  • Fan Fiction, Animated Show, etc.
  • Quark vs. Nelix…Archtypes Compared
  • Sisko and Kira…a Fascinating Relationship
  • Jadzia and Ezri…Trill Up Close
  • Killed Off Characters
  • Worf and the Transition to DS9
  • Miles and Kieko…Families in Star Trek
  • Jullian and Genetic Enhancement
  • Series Endings
  • ‘My’ Favorites vs. Fan Favorites
  • Star Trek anything better than nothing…ie What makes Star Trek itself?
  • Age Impact or Star Trek Across the Generations

As we record these podcasts the above subjects will be turned into links. If you have a request to hear a certain topic sooner rather than later… please feel free to message us.

Popular culture (or modern mythology), comics, movies, t.v. shows, etc., have messages and conversations embedded in their essence…I am excited to have these conversations. We are animals… and we have minds. We can and are evolving. Popular culture, taken seriously, offers an avenue to approach growth…as a species.

Let’s talk about it…