Sunrise Creations


Directories of Terms

I participate in several ‘communities’ who use specialized language to express nuanced, or very specific, concepts and ideas. I live and work with people who are exploring, with deep language, a variety of principles and theories.

I work as a Caregiver and ‘Doula for the Dying’; as an Artist and a Writer; as a  ‘Violence to Intimacy Facilitator’, and I am a ‘Shamanic Priestess’. I travel through the world as a ‘GenderQueer’, ‘Alternative Relationship’ living, ‘LeatherDaddy’. As you can imagine, I use a lot of specialized language in my work and in my life!


I grew up in an ‘Organization’ which uses a wide variety of carefully crafted ‘trigger’ words. Words designed to elicit a specific reasoning chain and a specific ‘feeling’ associated with the ‘reasoning chain’.

I have been examining the power of specific words and of ‘language’, words strung together creating a particular flavor of meaning, for most of my life.

These definitions, unless otherwise noted, are strictly my own interpretation of the term concerned.