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Cult Recovery

In my healing process I read other’s stories and comments about the Jehovah’s Witness Organization.  I can find information on the big picture history of the group and the manipulations that exist on the level of highest leadership.  The repeated predictions of the coming ‘Time of the End’ that failed, for over 100 years, etc.  These facts of Witness’ history are well documented by others.

Some of whom seem very angry.

I also found information that looks at cults in general. <See Resources List> I have found some fascinating analysis by mental health experts and other cult survivors. I have found break-downs of the indications of brain-washing and some structures to help unwind the circular logic that manipulative systems use in these materials. <See Cult Recovery Terms>

All of which I have found to be helpful as stepping stones in my process of recovery.

I am almost done writing a book sharing my personal story of growing up as One of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a system designed to trap people. I hope to show the love and the pain I experienced with my family who are still deep within the Organization.

What does it feel like to stay?  What does it feel like to leave?  What does it mean to move on?

The possibility of deconstructing cults in general lives in the deconstruction of one.  Dysfunctional systems pull from the same toolbox.  The tools of manipulation and mind-control, once understood, can be spotted and their affects mitigated.

I write this for my examination to be visible to others; those who have left my Organization and those Worldly people whose loved ones have disappeared into this Organization, I also tell this story for those whose lives have been touched by other types of damaging cults.  For Social scientists who are interested in the examination of such experiences.  For anyone who has noticed emotional manipulation in their lives or in society and wants to understand these tools.

What I noticed after leaving most strongly was how many damaging cults exist around us.  These energies of coercion and manipulation thread through-out our global society.  I want to help this Global Community of people who are seeking healing and sustainability for our world.