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“Porn as a Feminist Act”

Porn as a Feminist Act   I was watching this fabulous docu-series on Amazon Prime called “Sex Around the World” the other day. Many women in the series talk about the connection between their feminism and porn. They talk about their work as a feminist act celebrating the nature of female sexuality. These women come from a variety of countries across the world and a number of very different cultures. […]

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Marvel vs. DC

MARVEL VS. DC My father was the first one to tell me about the long standing rivalry between the two comic book giants. I heard him say there are Marvel people and there are DC people and very few crossing that fence. I find it fascinating to notice the similarities and the differences between the universes. Also to notice the social commentary present in these mogals of modern mythology.  

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Light a Candle

I lit a candle for Angela today. I lit it in a huge Russian Orthodox Church. Not exactly the spiritual home of our Greek Orthodox ancestors but close. I bathed in the light of the gleaming garnet stained glass cross painting the floor. I knelt on the eastern side of the smooth golden wood beside the strip of carpet which bisected the expansive room and led up the steps to […]

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John-Wayne-Mother’s Apprentice

John-Wayne-Mother has finally finished examining stacks of giant wallpaper books. “This is the pattern I want.” Her voice is fast and firm. She glows with her passion for this project. “If I continue the wallpaper above the picture molding all the way to the ceiling it will make the ceiling look higher than it is already.” Her gesture encompasses the nine foot ceilings in our house. She continues to describe […]

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Claiming My Shamanic Priestess

I read an article recently. “Why I am Not a Shaman and Neither are You”. (find link) In it I found an excellent description of why I use ‘shamanic priestess’ as a label to give people context for my lifepath and spiritual practice. The article starts by pointing out that a shaman is a very specific thing. First it is a noun…it is the name of a particular role in […]

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Inviting the Crows

Outside the gate runs the long stretch of asphalt leading to the main road. Inside the gate is cracked blacktop with weeds peeking out of these small bits of available dirt. A wide piece of chain-link forms a gate which bisects this meeting of driveway and road. Crows inhabit the trees around this property. Their voices omnipresent since the beginning of our residence here. I love crows, their associations with […]

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You Will Be Disfellowshipped!

(Continued from “If It Is the Truth, With a Capital ‘T’”) I am making a second pot of coffee at 10am when Worldly-Caregiver-Woman arrives. She is promptly on time. Nana and I have been awake for four hours. “Hey, how’s it going?” She greets me cheerfully. “It’s going.” I exhale a long heavy breath. I suspect I look a little grim. “Help yourself to some coffee.” She gives me piercing […]

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If It Is the Truth, With a Capital ‘T’

<Continued from “You Remember I am an Apostate, Right?”> I hold her sudden quiet for a long heartbeat and then say, “If this is the Truth with a capital ‘T’ then it can stand up to any examination from any direction, at any time. Truth has nothing to fear from any sort of scrutiny of its evidence. That is the very definition of the word truth. Yet the Society’s rules […]

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You Remember I am an Apostate, Right?

<Continued from “Throwing Down the Gauntlet“> “You know what Nana?” I say after I washed up our few dishes and made us an after-dinner cup of coffee. Hers decaf and black, mine regular with a good slug of cream. Wrapping my hands around the warmth of my cup I start talking about why I am here on this day. “I want to stay with you for a bit. I have […]

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