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Glossary of Terms


Armageddon (the Battle of) Jehovah’s Witnesses Preach God soon will destroy this Wicked System of Things killing everyone who is not Faithful to this Jehovah. They teach that after the War of Armageddon the earth will be made into a Paradise where the Faithful will live forever with no sickness or death, no war or crime, no more suffering of any kind.

Grief When a Jehovah’s Witness is experiencing grief they are Encouraged to direct (focus) their attention on the Resurrection Hope and their energy into the Preaching Work. Persistent Grief, say for a loved one who has died, is defined by the Organization as a Lack of Faith. This is a Matter of Serious Concern. It can lead to a charge of Persistent Doubts which can be Grounds for Disfellowshipping.

Necessary Family Business– is defined by the Organization as a ‘tough love’ type boundary to convince Ex-Witness family and friends of the seriousness of their danger from the Coming Destruction from God at Armageddon. It is framed as a last-ditch effort to Return Lost Sheep to the Fold. It is also described as a safety measure to Keep the Congregation Clean of Satan’s System of Things.

It is the required boundary for all Faithful Witnesses with regards to Disassociated and Disfellowshipped people. The only things clearly defined as Necessary Family Business in the Watchtower and From the Platform involve updating contact information and sharing information about the ill health or death of loved ones on both sides of the Organizational line of Loyalty.

Organization, the (See also, God’s One True Organization, the Governing Body, the One True Religion, the Society, and the Truth)- Synonymous with Jehovah God and His Will for Mankind. The one source of guidance for Faithful Witness’s of God. The instructions from the Organization are in the Watchtower, the Literature, and spoken From the Platform. The Organization requires that Faithful Witnesses are willing to die or let their children die upon Organization instructions.

Platform (See also: Information From the/Talk(s))- This Platform might be in a Kingdom Hall, an Assembly Hall, or a District Convention. No other meaning of the word platform counts in this definition. If you are One of Jehovah’s Witnesses all Information from the Platform is to be followed to the letter. This information all comes from the Governing Body. No deviations from the Organization’s instructions are allowed from the Platform.

Resurrection Hope– Says that God will bring the dead, except those destroyed by God, back to life. God Resurrected people in stories the Bible and the Watchtower says after Armageddon He promises to Resurrect (especially Jehovah’s Witnesses). Witnesses are constantly reminded to remain Faithful. As long as a Jehovah’s Witness maintains Faithfulness to the Organization, even if one Falls Asleep in Death, they have this Hope.