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He Died Today

I stop just outside the door, halfway turned back towards the knob, caught in the moment of leaving work.

It is 11 o’clock at night and I have finished a day of training and class and post class training with my guide in this facilitation process. My mind is on getting myself and my Lady home when I glance at my phone. I see a text from one of my father’s sisters.

“I don’t know if you heard…Your father died today.” Lights up my face, as I stand in the dark hallway, with one hand partially extending back through the doorway.

I stop, frozen, for a long heartbeat.

I read those dark glowing words again.

“I don’t know if you heard…Your father died today.”

“I don’t know if you heard…”

No, I had not heard. I am being shunned and communications are difficult between my parents and me.

My aunt knows that. My father left his own family in converting to the J.W. faith. She knows how hard things have been between us and because of how hard it’s been with his blood family. That’s why she made sure to tell me.

“…Your father died today.”

He died… rumbles continuously like thunder along the horizon of my consciousness.

I slowly pull the door closed and stand there blankly staring at the words that have just turned my world upside-down.


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