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Inviting the Crows

Outside the gate runs the long stretch of asphalt leading to the main road. Inside the gate is cracked blacktop with weeds peeking out of these small bits of available dirt. A wide piece of chain-link forms a gate which bisects this meeting of driveway and road. Crows inhabit the trees around this property. Their voices omnipresent since the beginning of our residence here. I love crows, their associations with […]

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You Will Be Disfellowshipped!

(Continued from “If It Is the Truth, With a Capital ‘T’”) I am making a second pot of coffee at 10am when Worldly-Caregiver-Woman arrives. She is promptly on time. Nana and I have been awake for four hours. “Hey, how’s it going?” She greets me cheerfully. “It’s going.” I exhale a long heavy breath. I suspect I look a little grim. “Help yourself to some coffee.” She gives me piercing […]

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If It Is the Truth, With a Capital ‘T’

<Continued from “You Remember I am an Apostate, Right?”> I hold her sudden quiet for a long heartbeat and then say, “If this is the Truth with a capital ‘T’ then it can stand up to any examination from any direction, at any time. Truth has nothing to fear from any sort of scrutiny of its evidence. That is the very definition of the word truth. Yet the Society’s rules […]

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You Remember I am an Apostate, Right?

<Continued from “Throwing Down the Gauntlet“> “You know what Nana?” I say after I washed up our few dishes and made us an after-dinner cup of coffee. Hers decaf and black, mine regular with a good slug of cream. Wrapping my hands around the warmth of my cup I start talking about why I am here on this day. “I want to stay with you for a bit. I have […]

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Throwing Down the Gauntlet

<Continued from “Nana is Dying and You Are Not Invited” post.> I walk through the familiar wide golden oak front door and set two bags just inside the door, stashing them behind her chair. “Hi darlin’, how are you feeling today?” Coming around her chair, hands free, I bend down to kiss her pale sunken cheek. She has been shrinking for years. Now she looks like a strong wind might […]

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The Ashes of California Ablaze

As the Ashes of California Ablaze float and settle around me …thoughts of Armageddon sift and flare in my mind like the last remnants of a forest fire’s dying gasps. Images of Fire raining from God on High to consume the running screaming mothers carrying babies in their arms filled my childhood. ARMAGEDDON IS COMING or They Have to Die…Really? “Armageddon is coming any minute and we need to be […]

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My Journey into the Wild

9-9-17 I notice my journey into the wild is not very far from civilization. I drive ten minutes up the road from the (Madame’s) boyfriend’s house. I find a campground just off the highway. The ocean is a couple of sand dunes away. Cracked concrete forms a small firepit and next to it a pile of driftwood I dragged a long way down the beach. I wrap rough sticks and […]

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At the Beach

9-2-18 Where the wave’s water sparkles with floating sun beams. Beams which glitter so fiercely I almost can’t look at them until they shatter in foam and sand. The day is a blue haze with drifts of sunlight playing with fog’s tendrils twining and climbing up the beach far into the afternoon. Lying in the warm sand, listening to the muted rush of the ocean’s breath, stills my mind’s darting […]

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Into the Woods

9-1-18 Went walking with my one of my ‘Sisters of Choice’, and the two little dogs Anya, and Styx into the woods. Into the Dark, no moon yet, the stars most often obscured by tall evergreen treetops. It is night, like 9pm and full dark at this time of year. We walk deeper into the forest following a trail only the dogs can really see. Periodically, I am blinded by […]

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