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The Ashes of California Ablaze

As the Ashes of California Ablaze float and settle around me …thoughts of Armageddon sift and flare in my mind like the last remnants of a forest fire’s dying gasps.

Images of Fire raining from God on High to consume the running screaming mothers carrying babies in their arms filled my childhood.

ARMAGEDDON IS COMING or They Have to Die…Really?

“Armageddon is coming any minute and we need to be vigilant.  All who do not worship Jehovah God”, my father looks at me with serious eyes, “are going to be destroyed.”

I am six years old and I have heard this for as long as I can remember.

I watch the people around me…people at school…people I talk with at the Door…people in the Congregation…people shunned from the Congregation.

I sit in school day after day and see living people … superimposed over their faces I see death, fire, and destruction.  Pictures from the Watchtower publications flood my life.  The coming violence from God is always in front of me.

It is hard to think about anything else.

“They deserve to die?”  I keep asking myself.  “For having a different God or a different path to God? For being a powerful independent woman who does not need or want the Headship of a man?  For touching each other?

Death is God’s Righteous decree for such people?





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