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Inviting the Crows

Outside the gate runs the long stretch of asphalt leading to the main road. Inside the gate is cracked blacktop with weeds peeking out of these small bits of available dirt. A wide piece of chain-link forms a gate which bisects this meeting of driveway and road.

Crows inhabit the trees around this property. Their voices omnipresent since the beginning of our residence here.
I love crows, their associations with trickster energy and as catalysts of change, has always fascinated me.

They are omnivores who can thrive in many environments, including cities. They love shiny things. They live in community; calling each other to food, warning each other of danger, and working together to fend off predators. I have watched their sleek black bodies soaring gracefully through the air currents, in big groups sometimes and sometimes a single bird, for many years.

Today, standing at the kitchen sink I see one crow, and then a second, land on the gate. Suddenly, the big can of peanuts that has been in the cupboard for a loooong time, pops into my head.

‘The crows want them’, a whisper rises from somewhere deep inside of me.

“Sure.” I agree with the voice immediately.

“You can’t have too many friends.” I think as I feel the bubbling happiness fill my chest at the idea of ‘making friends’ with some of the crow people. I grab the half empty canister and head out the front door. “No dogs.” I tell the chihuahuas rushing to join me on my way out front. They stop a few paces back giving me space and watching me with sad eyes. They love to come with me anytime I go outside…and…this food offering is not for them. So, no dogs.

I throw a few handfuls of nuts over the gate and turn to go back inside. Just as I turn around the two crows start ‘cawing’ loudly to their family. By the time I am back in the house there are 10 or 12 of the glossy blue-black shapes hopping and fluttering in the entryway to this secret garden.

They are soon joined by a couple of squirrels and some tiny little chickadees. I notice all of them are sharing this food with no fighting amongst themselves. Interesting! I might have thought the littler ones would be scared of the fiercely hooked beaks and sharp talons of the bigger birds.

It appears not.


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