Sunrise Creations


At the Beach


Where the wave’s water sparkles with floating sun beams. Beams which glitter so fiercely I almost can’t look at them until they shatter in foam and sand.

The day is a blue haze with drifts of sunlight playing with fog’s tendrils twining and climbing up the beach far into the afternoon.

Lying in the warm sand, listening to the muted rush of the ocean’s breath, stills my mind’s darting energy. I am soothed by the steady pace of endless motion.

Held by the pack, who have tucked themselves all around my body, sleep softly pulls me under.

The world will not get closer than a hundred feet of me without my small dog armada leaping up, growling, and charging in my defense.

I am working on boundaries with ‘little man’ Styx…I don’t want to hear about it when they are a hundred feet away…and if they do get close…say within 10’ or so…a soft growl or whuffle of a bark would be perfect. I do not want, charging to the end of your leash in a piercing cacophony of small dog warning.

I need to show him what I want from my powerful tiny Warrior-Knight.

We work on it all day. These are precious socializing opportunities. On our long walk down the beach we pass a pair of sea bird wings. “Pelican?” I speculate.

They rise out of the sand as though preparing to launch back into the light breeze brushing my skin. It’s feather’s cling to desiccated bits of flesh. Hollow bones poke curious fingers out to taste the gentle fog. The dogs don’t notice and I am careful not to draw the attention of the pack to such a tasty morsel. Somehow they miss it both ways.

I am happy.




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