Sunrise Creations

Passionate Living – Creative dying

Communities Where I Fit (Kind of)



Bridging – Between Myself and Others

Places where facets of myself find like minded community…

Alternative Sexuality, Gender Queer, BDSM/Leather/Kink/Poly

Alternative Spiritual Path Walkers

Animal People

Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Story-Tellers

Back to the Land: Self-Sufficient and Sustainable Community Living

Ecologically Passionate

Feminist and Women’s Communities

Free Thinkers and Structural System Questioners

Healers, Alternative and Otherwise

Hospice and Doulas for the Dying

Learner Led Education or Unschoolers (Self-Educators)

Liberal Political Activists

Scientists and Academics

Socially Conscious and Aware of the Needs of the People

Survivors of Abuse and Trauma

Trekkie/Fantasy/Con Universe- I can go on for days (people suggesting weeks would not be talking crazy talk) about Captain Kirk, Gene Roddenberry, and the Star Trek Universe.



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