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Bride of Christ

I read a book called Dating Jesus:  A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl” by Susan Campbell published 2-11-2010. (Available on Amazon)

‘Bride of Christ’ is a term the ‘Witnesses’ use.

This was a hell of a book for me.  Her story is of course different than mine.  Her attitude as a child and her journey are quite different.

I never wanted to ‘date Jesus’.  As a matter of fact, the thought of being ‘a bride of Christ’ stirred a wave of nausea in me that I could not escape.  I never wanted that.  I didn’t want to be anyone’s ‘bride’.

I could be in a ‘family of choice’ with Jesus tho.  I could be his sister.  I could be another ‘Christ-like’ person. The shit disturber who comes in and shakes up the old system of things…facing power-tripping fundamentalists who are not particularly different in my day than they were in the Jewish system of Jesus’ day.

Deconstructing rigid thinking that I see trapping many people in unnecessary pain is, to me, a deeply important work.  Freeing people from soul wounds undermining their self-worth is my path in this lifetime.

Bringing focus to a core of love and compassionate understanding of each other is the most crucial work I can think of in this modern day world.


Chief Crazy Horse Monument in S. Dakota near Mt. Rushmore



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