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My Journey into the Wild

9-9-17 I notice my journey into the wild is not very far from civilization. I drive ten minutes up the road from the (Madame’s) boyfriend’s house. I find a campground just off the highway. The ocean is a couple of sand dunes away. Cracked concrete forms a small firepit and next to it a pile of driftwood I dragged a long way down the beach. I wrap rough sticks and […]

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At the Beach

9-2-18 Where the wave’s water sparkles with floating sun beams. Beams which glitter so fiercely I almost can’t look at them until they shatter in foam and sand. The day is a blue haze with drifts of sunlight playing with fog’s tendrils twining and climbing up the beach far into the afternoon. Lying in the warm sand, listening to the muted rush of the ocean’s breath, stills my mind’s darting […]

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Into the Woods

9-1-18 Went walking with my one of my ‘Sisters of Choice’, and the two little dogs Anya, and Styx into the woods. Into the Dark, no moon yet, the stars most often obscured by tall evergreen treetops. It is night, like 9pm and full dark at this time of year. We walk deeper into the forest following a trail only the dogs can really see. Periodically, I am blinded by […]

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Sarge is Moving to Comfort Care

I heard you passed from this life noon yesterday. One week to the day from the last time I saw you. I drove more than 700 miles to have that last visit. I took a day after hearing about your transition from, a month of ICU hospitalizations and rehab center attempts, to comfort care…hospice care in the hospital…to set my life up so I could leave. Getting away for a […]

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Bride of Christ

I read a book called Dating Jesus:  A Story of Fundamentalism, Feminism, and the American Girl” by Susan Campbell published 2-11-2010. (Available on Amazon) ‘Bride of Christ’ is a term the ‘Witnesses’ use. This was a hell of a book for me.  Her story is of course different than mine.  Her attitude as a child and her journey are quite different. I never wanted to ‘date Jesus’.  As a matter of fact, […]

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Communities Where I Fit (Kind of)

EQUALIZING AS A BELIEF SYSTEM Places where facets of myself find like minded community… Alternative Sexuality, Gender Queer, BDSM/Leather/Kink/Poly Alternative Spiritual Path Walkers Animal People Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Story-Tellers Back to the Land: Self-Sufficient and Sustainable Community Living Ecologically Passionate Feminist and Women’s Communities Free Thinkers and Structural System Questioners Healers, Alternative and Otherwise Hospice and Doulas for the Dying Learner Led Education or Unschoolers (Self-Educators) Liberal Political Activists […]

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Letter to My Father

I lit a candle for my father’s sister A. today in a huge Russian Orthodox Church.  Not exactly the spiritual home of our Greek Orthodox ancestors but close. I bathed in the light of the gleaming garnet stained glass cross painting the floor. I knelt on the eastern side of the smooth golden wood beside the strip of carpet which bisected the expansive room and led up the steps to […]

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He Died Today

I stop just outside the door, halfway turned back towards the knob, caught in the moment of leaving work. It is 11 o’clock at night and I have finished a day of training and class and post class training with my guide in this facilitation process. My mind is on getting myself and my Lady home when I glance at my phone. I see a text from one of my father’s […]

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